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how meditation changes the brain

 how meditation changes the brain function


Though meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries and many of us have heard about it, not many actually take the time to sit down and meditate. This can be due to lack of information, fear of doing it wrong, or simply being too busy to squeeze in another thing into our already packed schedule. But when you meditate on a regular basis, you'll feel calmer, more relaxed and more focused. There are so many benefits to taking the time out of your day.

1. What is meditation? 

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2. The benefits of meditation

A lot of people ask me how I manage to keep calm and composed even in the toughest situations. The thing is, I meditate.

Meditation is an incredibly helpful tool that can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can also make your life more fulfilling, help you become a more effective leader, and improve your concentration.

If you think meditation sounds like something only hippies do, you’re wrong. In fact, there are a ton of celebrities who practice it on a daily basis, like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston. Having this tool at your disposal will

3. Meditation techniques and methods

Meditation is the practice of training the mind or self-awareness, often to promote relaxation, internal peace or empathy. A meditative state may be characterised by relatively relaxed and stable attention, and a diminished sense of peripheral awareness.

The term meditation refers to a broad variety of practices that includes techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force (qi), improve focus, increase awareness of the present moment, cultivate compassion and love, reduce stress, or prepare the body and mind for sleep or various activities such as sports.

 4. How to start meditating

Meditation is a great way to connect with the mind and body. It is not about emptying your mind, it’s about empowering it with positive content and more awareness.

In order to meditate you need to take some time out of your day to sit down and focus on your breathing. Breathing is the key component to meditation.

5. To wrap things up

In the end, it’s all about creating a fantastic blog content that is in line with what your audience likes and needs. You can do this by being creative and always thinking outside the box.